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2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Key Programming

Have all keys for the Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep ready – You must have two working programmed or original keys to use this procedure


***If ignition recall was performed on your vehicle, the DIY programming won’t be available***

ATTENTION DODGE RAM OWNERS: Some 2009 and up DODGE RAM’S may require dealer programming. If you have a 2009 DODGE RAM, please contact your local dealership to see if your vehicle requires dealer programming.

1. Insert first programmed key into the ignition and turn ignition switch to ON. Wait for approximately 3 seconds then turnignition to OFF and remove key.
2. Within 15 seconds of removing first key insert second programmed key into ignition and turn ignition switch to ON. Waitapproximately 10 seconds. You will see the immobilizer warning lamp illuminate on the dash and you will hear an audible tone.Turn ignition OFF and remove the key.
3. Within 50 seconds insert the new unprogrammed key into ignition. Turn ignition switch to ON. After approximately 10 secondsyou should hear an audible tone and the immobilizer lamp will remain illuminated for 3 seconds. Once this occurs programming iscompleted.
4. For each additional key you must repeat these steps starting with step number 1.