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2008 Dodge Dakota Remote Programming

Transponder Vehicles:

Transmitter for the remote key combo is programmed during the Key Programming procedure. Click on the Key Programming for your vehicle to access programming instructions.

NON-Transponder Vehicles:

This programming procedure requires you to already have at least 1 working original remote transmitter. (All buttons must be functional). If you do not have any remote transmitters you must get this new one programmed by a qualified locksmith or dealership.

Obtain all remote transmitters for this vehicle. Any existing keys/remote transmitters not used during programming will become inoperative so make sure to reprogram them during procedure describe below. Sit in vehicle with all doors closed and the driver’s seat-belt on. Make sure no one else is in the vehicle.

1. Put key in ignition and turn ignition switch to ON position (as far as you can turn key without cranking engine).

2. Using a programmed key/remote transmitter perform the following:

  • Press and hold UNLOCK button.
  • After holding the UNLOCK button for a at least 4 seconds, continue holding the UNLOCK button and also press PANIC button within 6 seconds.
  • Ensure acoustic signal is emitted indicating programming mode active.
  • Release both buttons.

3. Within 60 seconds carry out the following procedure for each remaining key/remote transmitter:

  • On the unprogrammed remote, press both the LOCK and UNLOCK button at the same time for 2 seconds then release both buttons.
  • Ensure acoustic signal is emitted
  • Within 4 seconds press and release the UNLOCK button.
  • Ensure acoustic signal is emitted

4. Repeat step 3 now for each remaining key/remote transmitters including working remotes. 

5. Switch ignition to OFF position or wait 60 seconds to exit programming mode.

6. Programming is now complete. Test all remotes to ensure proper programming.

Please note: a maximum 6 key remote transmitters can be programmed

Please note: if the vehicle goes into programming mode, but there is no acoustic signal from the new remote, then repeat this procedure again starting from 1st Step.