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1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Remote Programming

1. Enter 5-digit permanent entry code into the keyless entry pad located on the driver’s door.
2. Within 5 seconds of pressing last button of code, press the 1/2 button on the entry pad.
All doors will lock then unlock confirming you are in programming mode.
3. Press any button on first Keyless Remote within 5 seconds of pressing
the 1/2 button. Locks will cycle to indicate successful programming.
4. Press any button on second keyless remote within 5 seconds of
previous remote. Locks will cycle again to indicate successful programming.
5. Repeat step 4 for all the remaining remotes (including working remotes).
6. Press the 7/8 and the 9/0 buttons simultaneously on the keypad to exit program
Note: The 5 digit permanent code is located: on the owner’s warranty card, on a label inside the trunk lid, the on the owner’s code card, on the central locking control module located in the driver’s door.