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2002 Lincoln LS Key Programming

You must have 2 original Ford keys that start your engine to perform this procedure. If you only have one working key or none at all it must be programmed by a dealer or locksmith! Your New third (unprogrammed) key must also be cut prior to performing this procedure. Please Note: If one of your keys is a cloned key from a hardware store this procedure will NOT work. This procedure requires original programmed keys.

1. Insert an existing (working) key into the ignition cylinder.
2. Turn the ignition cylinder ON (just shy of starting the car Without cranking the engine) and back to OFF. Ignition should stay in ON position for at least one second.
3. Remove the existing key and WITHIN TEN SECONDS, insert a second working key and turn to ON and then back to OFF. Ignition must be on for at least one second but no more than ten seconds. Remove key.
4. Insert the New (unprogrammed) key before twenty seconds have elapsed and turn to ON. Leave it in the ON position for at least one second and turn back to OFF.
5. The security light will light up for THREE seconds to indicate the new key has been successfully programmed.

For those who do not have 2 original keys: These keys can NOT be programmed at hardware stores like Ace, Lowes, Walmart, & Home Depot. They must be programmed by an automotive locksmith or dealership.