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2005 Buick Terraza Remote Programming

Your vehicle requires that remotes must be programmed by an automotive locksmith or dealership. There is no way to program themwithout the proper diagnostic tools.
Please hand these instructions to your locksmith or automotive professional.

Dear automotive professional,
If the vehicle does not accept the remote during your standard programming procedure, please try these steps.
Instead of holding down LOCK & UNLOCK for 15 seconds. Press and hold LOCK & UNLOCK for 6 seconds, release BOTH buttons and tap ONLY the UNLOCK button.
If that doesn’t work please make sure that the vehicle’s battery has a full 12v charge.
It is always best to program remotes with a Jump Pack connected to the vehicles battery.
These vehicles only have a maximum of 4 remotes so please make sure that the vehicle is not maxed out on remotes.
Please make sure that the vehicle does not any sort of aftermarket alarm or remote start. These will need to be disabled before new remotes can be programmed.

We test all remotes prior to shipping but sometimes batteries can get drained while in transit from other packages pressing on the buttons for extended periods of time. If the remotes still do not program please have the customer contact us so that we can better assist them.